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Buying & Selling Advice

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Buying Advice

Purchasing a property in Spain can be a daunting prospect so you need to know that you are getting the best advice. We can offer our extensive knowledge of the Costa del Sol, the benefits and pitfalls of purchasing and we can connect you to reliable professionals in their field.

Here are some of the main areas that can be of help.

Technical Valuation

It is often a good idea to get a structural and technical valuation to make absolutely sure that you are getting what you pay for and that there are no nasty surprise after completing your purchase. Of course there is no obligation to do this but, should you wish to, we can connect you with the right people.

Alterations and remodeling

Sometimes we are asked for reliable contacts for work to be done. Most alterations to properties in Spain require a license from the Town Hall, this is not difficult but it needs to be done or the work can be stopped or can incur a fine.
We have a list of reliable workmen in the area, advisors and architects for those bigger jobs.

Full, or partial management service

If you are concerned about the upkeep of your property when you are not here and do not wish to rent it out we offer a management service to keep and eye on your property with a suite of options from a simple weekly check to full maintenance and upkeep, security and cleaning.
If you want to rent out your property we offer a full management service including cleaning, laundry and maintenance, reception and emergency all out.

Legal & taxation aspects

In recent years, understandably, the authorities here in Spain have begun to tighten the regulations that govern the rental market in an effort to ensure that the correct taxes are paid and the relevant health and safety measures are adhered to.
If you wish to rent your property and ensure that you do not run the risk of attracting a heavy fine, we will guide you through and help you with the process to properly equip your property, register with the correct authority and even pay your tax at source if you use our services. We will even help you with your tax return here in Spain that must be filed annually allowing you to sleep safely in the knowledge that you will not get a large bill some years down the line.
There is anecdotal advice from locals that this can be ignored but we strongly advise against it. It may be tempting to rent under the radar, so to speak, but the penalty for getting caught is onerous. The tax authorities can make an estimation of what they think you may have rented for in any year and produce a bill accordingly. The remedy for which is to pay and argue later.


There are a number of websites generating rentals that you can manage yourself and are relatively inexpensive although it can be very time-consuming and tiresome. If answering phone calls, juggling check in days, arranging cleaning and maintenance, getting calls in the middle of the night and answering e.mails about every little detail is not for you we can do it all for you.
Our parent company sells thousands of rental weeks every year and has a central marketing and administration department fully staffed with over 30 years experience, a well established web presence and access to many rental outlet and web portals not available to the general public.
If you wish to take advantage of this larger operation in a saturated market with thousands of competitors this can really be an advantage to ensure that you maximize the return on your investment.

Earn an annual return in your investment

Our parent company has managed hundreds of properties in Benalmadena Costa for over 30 years, they have permanent cleaning, laundry and maintenance staff and access to reliable services if extra cover is needed. Of course you will always be able to find local people ready to work cheaper but, due to our 24 hour 365 days a year access to a long established staff pool we can guarantee that your property is always taken care of by seasoned professionals.

Contract lawyers

Although it is not essential to use a lawyer we strongly recommend that you do. We work with a network of excellent and reliable lawyers who will take all the necessary steps and enquiries to ensure that you now fully aware of what you are buying.
There can be many challenges purchasing in Spain especially when buying older properties make sure therefore that you have the right legal advice. We will be happy to recommend the right lawyer for you.

Selling Advice

The best advice that we can give in the current market is to be sensible about the price you ask.

Our experienced advisors will be happy to value your property and discuss with you the optimum selling price.

When you list your property with us a personal service is provided from our staff who will take extensive details of your property, including features that you feel are unique, to ensure that we can convey the best possible aspects of your property to any potential buyer.

Your property will be featured initially on the front page of our website in rotation with other new listed properties ensuring maximum visibility and will be available to view in our shop in Benalmadena Costa. Details of your property will be e.mailed to all the potential purchasers in our data-base, as an initial offering primarily and then included on every mail shot thereafter.
In addition to appearing on the Evita Estates site your property will also be available to view via our affiliated agents sites and the most popular international property websites that are widely viewed by hundreds of thousands of potential buyers each month.

From any initial interest to the final act of selling we will take care of the process involving you as little or as much as you like.
To enquire about listing your property call now on (0034) 952576466



Martinez-Echevarría is an international law firm that provides a host of first class legal services. Established in 1983 on the Costa del Sol, the firm has become a reference point in the local legal community in our areas of operation as per its specialization in multidisciplinary legal advice to both companies and private individuals. We know the area, and we know that a first class service means not only giving expert advice and assistance but also ensuring that our clients have continual access to up to date information on issues that may affect them and/or their business. Martinez-Echevarría counts on a team of 120 legal professionals working in 16 offices located in 4 countries. We pride ourselves in being a firm of international lawyers specialized in providing bespoke legal services to a discerning international clientele.


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